Advanced Business Center is the new office miracle in Mladost

Green architecture, modern office space from class A and capacity for more than 5 000 employees at the entrance of Business park Sofia


The overall project of Advanced Business Center plans to develop 2 business buildings at the total amount of 60 mln. Euro investment. Advance Business Center, which constriction has already started, is situated at the entrance of Business park Sofia and includes office spaces from class A, deployed on an area of 32 000 sq. m. The plans of the investor from the Polish company GTC for the first of the business buildings, which will cover offices at 9 floors and 3 underground parking levels, is to be finished at the beginning of 2019. The whole project should be ready at the end of the same year.  

The Polish company operates in Central and Eastern Europe and up to now has executed numerous successful projects of developing and managing modern high-class office buildings in Poland, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, The Czech Republic and since this year, Bulgaria. On a European scale, since its foundation GTC has developed 63 business projects with more than 1 100 000 sq. m. area for rent. That experience motivates Advanced Business Centre in Sofia to offer technologies, which will provide opportunity to gather feedback in real time from the tenants, as well as from the technical equipment, embedded in the smart office management system. 

Advanced Business Centre is situated at the entrance of the traditional business location for international companies in Bulgaria, Business park Sofia. The location is extremely communicative and provides fast connections through the public subway and transportation. The building, which is now at the first stage of construction, has extremely high energy efficiency levels, while the architectural project is impressive with green environment, innovative exterior, and effective office spaces, which cover an area of 1 700 sq. m. at each of the 9 floors that can be adapted according to the specific business needs of each company. 

There a number of measures for improving the energy efficiency and decreasing the cost for exploitation implemented in the Advanced Business Centre buildings. The latest generation of air-conditioning systems with very high efficiency, as well as a new generation of low-energy glasses are used in the design of the buildings. The office space relies mainly on natural lighting. The artificial lighting is of LED type. The latest technologies are implemented to ensure that the Advanced Business Center will be technically effective for many years to come. Through efficient technologies that are implemented in the project, tenants will provide an excellent environment for their employees as well as reduce their utility costs.

„Europe has been the market leader for sustainable construction since long ago, and it is normal for this trend to cover investors in Bulgaria as well. More and more tenants include in their requirements for a new office space the preference for the building to own a "green certificate". The availability of a certificate helps in marketing and subsequently in the filling of office buildings for rent. So, we're proud to have started this certification process because Advance Business Center is in certification with a LEED Gold Green certificate, "commented Thomas Kurzman, CEO of GTC Group. Advanced Business Center's capacity is for over 5,000 IT professionals and high-tech companies.

GTC Group is a leading investor in the real estate sector in Poland and three capitals in Central and Eastern Europe. The company operates in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria. The group was established in 1994. Today, GTC manages an active portfolio of 36 retail outlets, providing 614 000 sq. m. of office and retail space to its tenants and clients in Poland, Belgrade, Budapest, Bucharest and Zagreb. In addition, GTC has commercial and office buildings in the capitals of Central and Eastern Europe, of which 110 000 sq. m. are under construction. At the beginning of the year, the company announced its successful sale of 2 of its main assets in Bulgaria - the shopping centers Mall Galleria Burgas and Mall Galleria Stara Zagora.