Commerzbank Extends and Expands Office Spaces at Advance Business Center 2


Commerzbank, a prominent player in the financial industry, has recently announced the extension of their stay at Advance Business Center 2, reaffirming their commitment to top-notch office spaces. Having been part of the vibrant business environment in Advance Business Center 2 for the past 5 years, Commerzbank's decision to renew and expand their presence is a testament to the quality of the facilities and the conducive work atmosphere.

Initially securing class-A office spaces on levels 2 and 3, Commerzbank has not only chosen to prolong their stay but is also to expand further with an additional 400 sq.m. on level 1, totalling almost 4,000 sq.m. across 3 office levels. This expansion signals a strategic move, underlining their confidence in the location and its ability to support their growing business needs.

The extended agreement covers a substantial 5-year period, indicating a long-term vision for collaboration and growth between Commerzbank and Advance Business Center 2. This not only speaks volumes about the center's ability to meet the high standards of a multinational corporation like Commerzbank but also highlights the mutually beneficial partnership fostered over the years.

"On behalf of GTC Bulgaria, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Commerzbank for our enduring partnership. Together, we've formed a strong bond built on trust and collaboration. As we look ahead to the next five years, I eagerly anticipate further growth and a shared journey towards continued success!" said GTC’s Executive Director for Southeast Europe, Ziv Gigi.